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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Better numbers than in year of last promotion

    RM Castilla currently have more points at this stage of the season than when they were promoted to the Second Divison in 2005
    Julian Avilero / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
    RM Castilla (then called Real Madrid B) were promoted to the Second Division in June 2005 in a match at the Bernabeu attended by 60,000 fans. The reserve team had taken an impressive 48 points 25 games in the championship, but this has been improved on by this year's side with an incredible 53 points in the same number of games. Castilla have a six-point lead over the runners-up in the Second Divison B's Group I and are the top scoring side in their group, as well as the best team on the road in the championship.

    2011/121st5316 5 4 52 23
    2010/113rd4213 3 9 44 27
    2009/109th35 9 8 8 40 35
    2008/095th4312 7 6 41 24
    2007/084th41 12 6 7 41 27
    2004/051st48 14 6 5 35 17
    2003/042nd48 14 6 5 37 22


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Benzema, two weeks off

He will miss the game against Rayo, France's friendly against Germany and, almost certainly, the party's March 4 against Espanyol

Malas noticias para Karim Benzema y para el Real Madrid. El delantero francés sufre una pequeña lesión muscular en el abductor derecho. No hay rotura, aunque la lesión que se produjo en los primeros minutos del duelo ante el CSKA le mantendrá alejado de los terrenos de juegos unas dos semanas. Por tanto, será baja este domingo ante el Rayo, en el amistoso del próximo miércoles en Bremen entre Francia y Alemania y, muy probablemente, en la visita del Espanyol al Bernabéu.

El objetivo es recuperar al delantero francés para el duelo de la 27ª jornada de Liga, que enfrentará a Betis y Real Madrid en el Villamarín. No hay que olvidar que el siguiente partido es el de vuelta de octavos de final ante el CSKA.

Benzema, que fue examinado en la clínica Sanitas La Moraleja a primera hora de este miércoles, voló después a Francia, para disfrutar del día libre concedido por Mourinho a la plantilla tras el viaje a Moscú. El Real Madrid vuelve a entrenarse mañana a partir de las 15.30 horas, a puerta cerrada, en Valdebebas.

Reyes: "It's special to celebrate a title we haven't won in such a long time"

"We're proud to celebrate the title with you all and to see you enjoy it us much as we do"
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

The Real Madrid roster and staff thanked fans for their support in their Copa del Rey success during the celebrations in the Spanish capital.

Felipe Reyes
"It is very special for us to celebrate this with the Mayor and the President because we haven't won it in 19 years, which is a lot for Real Madrid. We're proud to celebrate it with all of you and to see you enjoy it as much as we do."

Pablo Laso
"We're proud to bring you this Cup title and we're delighted to celebrate with you all. There's even greater merit to winning the title against a great opponent like Barcelona. To win this tournament you have to defeat three teams and we played a high level in all games."

Sergio Llull
"Nineteen years were too many. It was about time we won this title. We deserved to and we expect to return at the end of the season to celebrate more titles."

Carlos Suarez
"We'll play a very important game on Thursday against Unicaja in which our future in the Euroleague will be at stake. We want your support in such an important clash."

Emiliano Rodriguez, Presidential Aide for Basketball
"We were so excited about winning the title that it may not have sunk in yet. It was an amazing game in which the coach devised a great system. We deserved to win from the opening minute. It was key to have a solid defence."

Clifford Luyk, Technical Advisor
"The victory was important because we had three important handicaps in the game: playing three games in three days, not having the home advantage, and having a much younger roster. We gave a great performance. All our players performed at a high level. This is symbolic and we should use it to make people aware of the greatness of this club. We're optimistic about our chances in the Euroleague despite having an average start to the Top 16. We hope to overcome this with the morale boost the Copa del Rey has given us."

Ozil in his Ferrari 458 Italia in the streets of Madrid

The Real Madrid player next to his Ferrari 458 Italy in a central street in Madrid. The sport has a powerful V8 engine of 4,499 cc with 570 hp at 9,000 rpm. with unrivaled torque of 540 Nm at 6,000

 The registration of Ferrari's German midfielder has meaning: GE (Gelsenkirchen), MO (Mesut Ozil), 10 (his number at Real Madrid) and 88 (year of birth).

 The bad thing was that Özil ride a mobility agent put a parking ticket.

Mou complained about the referee: "Before the goal was lacking Cristiano

                    "I'm a little frustrated, but a 1-1 is not a drama. We can win at home"
Mourinho believes that CSKA was too prize draw, but praised his effort: "It is the result with which we have to play the second game, they have made us a tough game, but have done little to get a tag and tie. They have made a serious party, hard, have worked hard, have achieved that goal that gives them lots of joy and nosostros that leaves us a bit frustrated. But it is a good result, I would like to finish all the heats were tied 1-1 " .

The Luso said Albiol after the entry: "I saw it as a good choice against an opponent who gets a player to two meters in attack and Albiol could close in the final minutes and check the balls on defense in pieces. I liked Albiol much by how he interpreted what he had to do and that we had already rehearsed set pieces. "

Despite the late draw. Mou is confident in meeting at the Bernabeu: "I do not expect an easy match in Madrid, but I hope to win, of course. Today we have put it complicated."

The coach does not have grounds to assess whether both CSKA comes from a failure of its equipment and other pieces that reported a lack of pre-play goal in CR7 not whistled: "There are goals set pieces which identifies an error, a player who fails, poor organization ... but I do not know if it was because he was away. But I've seen that before the play is a very clear lack of Christian that neither the referee or fourth official, who was next, they have seen. But it is football, the referee makes a mistake sometimes on one side and those of another. I thought it would make arbitration like he did in the Super Cup in Monaco, but has not been. "

Moreover, the Portuguese always remember that CSKA has put in difficulty: "It was same with Chelsea and Inter 1-0, but always difficult. Today looked to be well and has been a bumpy ride."

Finally, Mou declined to comment on Benzema's injury and roundly criticized the harshness of Wernbloom, "I know you have Benzema, thought that if a player would adversely affect it in action number 3, but in the end was injured alone. "

Benzema, injured groin

The misfortune was primed with Real Madrid and more specifically with Karim Benzema. The French had to be replaced by Higuain after injury in the groin after a shot on goal. The Frenchman felt a sharp pain and quickly had to ask for the change to be unable to continue on the pitch

Xabi Alonso: "We are confident to win the tie in the return leg"

Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa talked to the media in the mixed zone at Luzhniki Stadium.

"We clearly expected a better result seeing how the game unfolded. The draw isn't a bad result, but it could have been better."

"The cold wasn't much of a problem. The turf was different. I felt we didn't fully adapt to it, especially when passing the ball."

"We all saw Ronaldo was fouled before their equaliser, but we shouldn't dwell on it. Our opponent also did a good job and practically had no trouble until they scored. We are confident to win the tie in the return leg."